Many people choose to install a hot tub outside the house, on the porch or in the back garden. If the climate in your area is warm for most of the year, it would be a pity not to take advantage of it and soak in your hot tub under the clear blue (or starry) sky.

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One of the issues many people have about installing a hot tub outdoor is how to integrate it into the general landscape. There are various aspects to take into consideration: the impact on the value of your property, privacy, your personal style and preferences, etc.

How to Landscape Around Your Hot Tub

They say that the sky is the limit in terms of landscaping ideas, but a hot tub has some restrictions and basic prerequisites. First of all, you have to create a solid foundation for the hot tub. This must be made of sturdy cement or any other non-electrically conducive material of similar strength.

Also, you will need an electricity source for the hot tub, which should not be easily accessible to people getting in and out of the tub. Remember – never mix water and electricity!

Keeping these aspects in mind, here are some suggestions for landscaping around your hot tub:

  1. Ensure Privacy by Planting Decorative Trees and Shrubs

You don’t want your neighbors peeping over the fence to see you enjoying a hot bath. So block their view and ensure your peace of mind with a row of trees or shrubs. You can opt to surround as much of the hot tub area as you can with these plants, or only have them on the side to your neighbors’ house.

Some of the most popular types of trees for this are: bamboos (they are also supposed to bring good luck), thuja (they look like mini Christmas trees), and crabapple (they have lovely flowers).

  1. Build a Canopy over Your Hot Tub

A hot tubs Denver home patio canopy gives distinction and elegance to any setting where it is placed. You can turn your humble hot tub into a luxury spa with a very small extra investment. Once you have installed the canopy, arrange a few deck chairs and coffee tables, maybe a rug or two on the floor and voila – you will feel like a queen.

Canopies are also great for those capricious spring days when a shower comes without notice. You don’t have to interrupt your hot bath session – the canopy will keep the rain away.

  1. Go Rustic with Flagstones Wooden Decorations

Rugged flagstones on the floor and wooden elements that make your round hot tub look like an oversized pail – that’s a scene straight from a country music video, right? If you like that style, you have plenty of choices in terms of decorations and furnishings to turn your hot tub into a rustic looking corner.

  1. Create an Exotic Paradise with Flowers and Luscious Greenery

Surrounded by leafy plants and colorful flowers, you will forget you are back home, and imagine instead that you are enjoying an exclusive vacation in the Tahiti or in Bora Bora. Thus, every evening when you get home from work, you can step into your hot tub and leave all the worries and stress behind you.